Integrated Platform

The VirtueSpark Enterprise Cloud for GRC

VirtueSpark offers an integrated solution on a magnitude of aspects on governance, risk and compliance (GRC).
It is designed as a scalable software as a service solution for smarter risk and compliance management.

Opportunity & Risk

Identify, assess and control your risks and opportunities along the lifecycle.


Keep control on your compliance activities and execute controls more efficiently.

Corporate Governance

Ensure your policies, rules and procedures are implemented, understood and followed throughout your entire company.

Strategy & Objectives

Manage your objectives and define the baseline of your GRC, CSR and other strategic activities.

Process Automation

Manage processes, automate workflows and integrate them into your GRC and CSR activities.

Object Database

Understand relations between assets across the company and beyond for accurate impact assessments and automation.

Opportunity & Risk Management

Integrated opportunity and risk management across the enterprise

Risk Management

Turn Risk Management Into A Valuable Business Enabler

Built around the concept of visualization, integration and communication VirtueSpark GRC is designed to overcome the common weaknesses of risk management implementations. Each individual stakeholder is enabled to apply opportunity and risk management against objectives to their daily activities and to take decisions that are more valuable by better understanding the context across the company.

Enable boards and senior executives to get insights in real-time. They can easily drill down along the chain of risks that affect each other and get insights down to the low level root causes of their key risks. No need to await the next reporting cycle because everyone is on the same page. At any time.

Let the system support you in the identification of risks. We constantly enhance the artificial intelligence engine that analyzes data patterns and dependencies to highlight those risks that otherwise might not have been identified.

Make your risk assessment closer to reality. Because risk impact can have multiple dimensions, the risk management solution helps you to identify the multiple causes and consequences your risks can have and to visually determine the most likely scenarios.

Take part in the advanced risk management approach.


A streamlined compliance portfolio across the enterprise


Reduce Overhead And Keep Control Of Your Compliance Portfolio

Create individual controls or manage your control portfolios. Map them against regulatory standards and see where in the company the control objectives are met. Incorporate any regulatory standards or apply the set of control catalogues defined by us.

Make sure to have the right set of controls in place and cope with changes in regulatory requirements. The flexible definition of business impact assessments helps to determine risks and applicability of controls. In addition, the end-to-end dependency management functionality is a powerful tool to keep oversight and make sure the right set of controls is applied. Define requirements at one point and let the system help you to generate the control setup.

Avoid redundancies and unnecessary tests through control inheritance and mapping.

Manage your test cycles, provide testers with the right set of information and keep the evidence in the system for reviews and audits. Escalate deficiencies to your stakeholders and define required actions.

Utilize the synergies.

Corporate Governance

Intuitive policy and procedure management across the enterprise

Corporate Governance

Ensure Coverage And Control

Define the guidelines on how you want to operate your business and make sure all your entities implement and follow them.
The governance framework makes sure your policies are being properly implemented with procedures and work instructions. Manage the guiding documents along their lifecycle and let the system help you to ensure that changes in your guidelines are addressed in all related documents for consistency. Identify and mitigate gaps in your policy coverage or even procedure overlaps and other incompatibilities.

Use the adaptable control framework to define and assess your controls to ensure maturity in the implementation of your guidelines across the company or even towards your suppliers.
Plug in regulatory compliance catalogues, governance frameworks and standards and map them against your controls. As a result you achieve high efficiency because you avoid control redundancies and you assess your controls only once instead of for each control catalogue.

Control smarter.

Strategy & Objectives

Objectives management is the baseline of all good risk management implementations


Connect With Your Objectives

Effective risk and compliance management links to the company’s objectives.

Use the VirtueSpark GRC Cloud to go beyond the pure management of risks and compliance. Embed your activities in the broader triangle of objectives, strategy and control. You can take a higher perspective and do not lose control in the multitude of activities.
By actively managing these links, you can expect to achieve more business value from your GRC activities. You will demonstrate how your risks influence your company objectives and get more buy-in from senior management.
Identify your opportunities and define the strategy on how you to reach your targets.

Work by your targets.

Process Automation

Automated activities with process and workflow management

Process Automation

Turn Your Processes Into Automated Workflows

Does a good GRC platform need processes and workflows? We definitely think so!

It is not just that processes are subject to your risks and controls that you need them. With process management, you can visualize your procedures and assign relationships for better overview and control. Ultimately you create the baseline for increased efficiency through workflow automation.

Make your procedures come alive.

Object Database

Object mapping and relation management

Object Database

The Power Of The Object Design Paradigm

Benefit from the flexibility of the object design paradigm to create a truly integrated environment.

The principle is easy.
Be it a unit, a supplier, a machine or a product, everything is an object. Some are more abstract than others, but all can be related to other objects, have GRC related attributes and can be subject to your risks. Define your own objects and the importance to your business and objectives. Use interfaces to frequently import updates from your existing asset and configuration management databases and make sure that changes in your data are updated automatically.

The principle is powerful.
Whether you want to see at a glance which of your suppliers is critical to your key processes or you want to know if the risk to a particular machine has an impact on your business objectives, knowing your environment and dependencies between objects helps to better identify the truly important assets. Therefore, you can focus your activities where they are really needed.

Apply your resources where they have the most impact.



Better insights in dependencies and AI support allow for a better decision base on senior executive level and ultimately for more valuable decisions.


The platform allows for you to know your risks at all times and all places across your company and your supply chain.


Use the software platform to help risk owners on all levels of the organization to have a broader information base to take advanced decisions for your enterprise.


 Automation, high reusability and oversight allow for higher efficiency and effectiveness of your GRC activities.


Enable employees to manage GRC in their remit and benefit from the results across the enterprise wide GRC program.


Use the software platform to establish and foster your risk culture. Make everyone understand and contribute to your approach on risk.


With collaboration as one of the key design patterns, cooperation in and between teams is supported.


The risk oversight across the enterprise and the opportunity to drill down to root causes for risks allows to better decide where to resources for mitigation.


Connecting risk management across the whole enterprise.

Managing risks with impact on objectives and opportunities.

High flexibility for individual requirements.