Enterprise Risk Management Services

Enterprise Risk Management Services


When you realize the benefits of risk management and the impact on company's success, you will not only do it for compliance reasons any more. We help you to set up and transition to professional, integrated risk management that helps to have more control over objectives and provides relevant insights on all organizational levels so you can allocate your resources effectively.

It is time to change to the value-driven approach.



You want to benefit perform professional risk management but don't have an in-house risk manager and want your employees to focus on their tasks. This is where our experienced risk management consultants can help you. Next to risk and compliance advisory we also help with the operational tasks. We coordinate risk management activities and report on senior management level, perform risk assessments, challenge your employees and help them to a better risk awareness through better understanding, trainings and campaigns.

Project Risk Management


Whether you want continuous reporting of aggregated project risks or a quantitative assessment on project timelines, our experienced consultants help you manage your project risks.

It is often ignored that by definition projects imply change to the organization. Hence, we apply project risk management beyond the famous "in time, in scope, in budget" and look at the positive and negative impact of project risks on the organization.