Strategy and Objectives

Decision-making means defining directions for future scenarios. It is important to be clear about what direction the company should be heading and how to get there. Especially when working with various stakeholders across the organization, the company objectives need to be clear to everyone.  Only when being clear about goals, decisions can be taken in line with objectives. Having a strategy in place helps to further take decisions in context and consequently support the aimed direction.

The VirtueSpark Enterprise Cloud can help to manage objectives and strategies and bring them in context with risk and opportunity management. Objectives and strategies can be defined on any organizational level and brought into context with other objectives. This way it can be ensured that even if units have different objectives, they all are in line and contribute to the company objectives.


Objectives management

Define, assess and prioritize company objectives and make sure you are moving towards your targets. Risks and opportunities can be aligned with objectives and decisions can be taken in context.

Strategy management

In line with objectives, define your strategies on how to achieve the targets. Interdependencies and synergies between strategies can be identified and exploited for more consistent decisions.


Implement coherent policies, processes and controls across the orgainization.

Manage risks and opportunities in line with company objectives.

Managing compliance effectively.