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The State of Agile Risk Management – IRM Webinar Review

Recently, the Institute of Risk Management’s Switzerland Chapter hosted a webinar in which Stephane Martin, CEO of VirtueSpark’s partner Smart Risk Consulting, presented the findings of a study he had recently undertaken for a client. The study was an in-depth…

The AI-Enabled Future of GRC and Integrated Risk Management

The shift to digital was already well underway before the Covid-19 pandemic changed everything. However, the events of 2020 have far-reaching implications for those of us in the business of risk management. The way that the pandemic unfolded highlights that…
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Remote Working Creates an Imperative for a Risk-Aware Culture

The Covid-19 vaccine rollout provides a beacon of hope that we may soon see a return to a more normal life. But what does “normal” look like in a post-pandemic world? There’s one aspect on which many sources seem to…

Why Managing Third-Party Risks Demands a Different Approach

In an increasingly complex business landscape, managing third party risk is one of the most pressing yet challenging tasks facing enterprise risk managers. Without a systematic and automated way to identify and track vendor risks, the approach is often ad-hoc,…