With the VirtueSpark Enteprise Cloud for GRC you can control all your risk and compliance activities, integrate risk management with your company objectives and gain insights, which allow you to take decisions that help to increase the value of your business.

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The VirtueSpark Enterprise Cloud -
Advanced technology for better business decisions

Software Features - Visualization

The VirtueSpark Enterprise Cloud solution is designed to support your enterprise in strategic and operational business decisions in order to achieve better results for you and your environment. The solution applies advanced technology for object modelling, data analytics and decision making and is designed to be integrated in daily business operations on all levels of the enterprise. Create a better decision base with data integration from different sources and pattern identification methods. Uncover hidden relations and gain insights on the true impact of your decisions across multiple iterations. Or let the software help you to analyze the complex environment of dependencies and create what-if scenarios to know where to focus your resources.

Integrated Platform

The VirtueSpark Enterprise Cloud for GRC -
GRC management software as a service

VirtueSpark offers an integrated solution on a magnitude of aspects on governance, risk and compliance (GRC). Apply the Enterprise Cloud capability on your GRC program and turn governance, risk and compliance activities into a value-generating business enabler.