Why the name VirtueSpark?

If your ever wondered how VirtueSpark got to its name, here is the answer.

vir-tue [vəːtjuː] – moral goodness or excellence

the ~ of  – attractive or useful quality, advantage

At VirtueSpark we provide an enterprise platform for integrated risk and compliance management. It helps to turn GRC activities into value generating business enablers.

Excellence and Advantage are two of the key factors that sparked the creation of the name VirtueSpark.  As founder and managing director Pascal Busch explains it’s excellence in the sense of solid strategic information providing the backbone for more strategic business decisions, and advantage through successful business outcomes.

“Ultimately its about decisions. Every decision has an impact,” says Pascal. “Pursuing our decisions brings us from one state to another. It creates the baseline for a new scenario where new conclusions are being drawn. It defines the range of options we have for making those further choices. The decision we make today can be the nucleus that paves the way for further growth. It can be the spark that ignites beautiful energies.”

“Good decisions are based on two main aspects – an intention and the right amount of information. Trusting that intentions are virtuous in nature, VirtueSpark is designed to provide our customers with the insights, analytics and means of communication that are relevant for comfortably making better decisions,” he added.

The same applies in the context of corporate responsibility.

From the beginning, VirtueSpark has had the ambition to enable the integration of risk and sustainability management for a joint and more comprehensive management of objectives and decisions. In the near future, the company will be looking to extend the solution with a sustainability module and that will also serve the corporate responsibility (CSR) market.

“Corporate responsibility and risk management are not far away from each other,” explains Pascal. “The processes are similar. Both focus on objectives although CSR focuses more on the opportunities and the added value for the affected stakeholders. At the end of the day it is all about making an impact for you and your business environment.”

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