VirtueSpark Insights Newsletter – Oct 2019


to the latest edition of the VirtueSpark insights newsletter for those with an interest in Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC). Featuring in this edition:
  • Hear from a former military man on risk and safety battle readiness
  • Five reasons why SME's should invest in risk management
  • What is the VirtueSpark platform?
  • Did you know?

Interview - Navigating the waves of risk and safety

For Frederic Mauron a life on the ocean waves with the French navy proved to be good preparation for life as Head of Health & Safety Systems and Processes at LafargeHolcim the leading global building materials and solutions company.

Operational risk management could make the difference between business success and business failure for SMEs

"Entrepreneurs are not risk-takers. They are calculated risk-takers."
Leonard C.Green, Investor & Professor of Entrepreneurship

Five reasons why SME's should invest in Risk Management. For the full story click on the link below:

What is the VirtueSpark platform?

It's an enterprise platform for governance, risk and compliance (GRC) with focus on visualizing risk relations.

It turns GRC activities into value generating business enablers and helps for more valuable decisions.


Key benefits:

  • Support for strategic decisions
  • Risk oversight and control across the enterprise
  • fostered risk culture
  • improved resource allocation
Click on the button below to see our suite of features:
  • Enabling employees
  • Better informed decisions on all levels of the organization
  • Enhanced collaboration / reduction of GRC silos
  • Improved efficiency in GRC activities

Did you know?

You've no doubt heard of Wannacry and notPetya. Attacks that encrypt your computer files may seem like a recent phenomena...but the first recorded ransomeware attack actually took place as far back as 1989. Cybercrime now poses one of greatest threats to businesses world-wide.

Find the link to the original report about the first attack below: